Legend of the Ninjas!

This is 900 years into the future of shippuden the akatsuki still stands.
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 Harako Clan

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Akira Narako

Akira Narako

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PostSubject: Harako Clan   Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:50 pm

Name-Hikiri Eye (Eye of the angels light manip)

Ablities- control light and the abilitie of speed x 20

each eye is based on the angel name you were given at birth

for example Akira-Raven the angel of despair

so that eye is known as the Kaikou (light demon eye) its encased in blue outlines and the eye pupal is yellow and outside of the pupal is black

the eye how ever steals alot of your chakra but is the best weapon for the akatsuki

the other eyes are Naikou (light angel eye) which is the angel of Pure- Gomen

and Gaikou (light assassion eye) thich is the angel of Darkness- Kirou

and each eye has their different ability but they all steal your chakra....
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Kazu Tenkiro

Kazu Tenkiro

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PostSubject: Re: Harako Clan   Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:54 pm

approved love your avi xD
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Harako Clan
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