Legend of the Ninjas!

This is 900 years into the future of shippuden the akatsuki still stands.
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 Rank system

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PostSubject: Rank system   Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:17 pm

Genin-when you die or register you are already genin
Chuunn-take the chuunin exams and past
Jounin-take the jounin exams and pass
Anbu Black ops-take the anbu exams but you must be Jounin to even register.
Akatuki-are S ranked criminals.Which means they are as powerful as Kage's.But there can only be 8 at a time.
Kage-Take over a village,If a Kage dies he decides the next kage but you have to be in that specific village
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Rank system
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