Legend of the Ninjas!

This is 900 years into the future of shippuden the akatsuki still stands.
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 Scroll Shop

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Akira Narako


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PostSubject: Scroll Shop   Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:42 am

Description:a building full of your fancy scrolls to very cheap scrolls to summoning to medical to clan jutsus to basic jutsus to taijutsu to genjutsu a building full of all the scrolls you need and even the ancient informtaion to the background stories to the legendary four and the legendary 9 tailed beasts also known as the bijuus.


Summoning Scrolls-10,000

Clan Jutsu Scrolls-500

Basic Jutsu Scroll-200

Book Information on the legendary 4-20,000

Bijuu Information-60,000
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Scroll Shop
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